Your Questions Answered…

Q: In your professional opinion, which is the best mobile casino – in terms of their offers and general quality? Which casino in the U.K  would a practiced player play at?

A: Golden Riviera Mobile casino offers the very best in gaming and provides its players with fantastic bonus options.

Q: How fast do mobile casinos download?  Some of the downloads went quickly, others took quite a while.

A: The speed of downloading the mobile casinos depends on:

  •   The type of data package provided by your service provider
  •   Signal
  •   The type of phone and software you have. Is it compatible?
  •   Your specific cellular contract.

Make sure you check out all these elements, as they can have a dramatic effect on the speed of your mobile game downloads and your experience when playing the games can also be effected by the various aspect listed above.

Q: Why is mobile gambling better than a real-life casino?

This is a great question because both have their pros and cons. It’s simply a matter of preference. What we mean by ‘preference’ is some players quite enjoy getting dressed-up and exploring various land based casinos, whilst others prefer convenience and playing in the comfort of their own homes. It’s a personal choice.

Mobile gambling will save you a lot of time and money because you don’t need to go spend money for food and drinks at casinos, nor would you have to pay for transportation. Often casinos are quite a distance from residential areas and the time it takes to get there means you need to clear a big part of your schedule if you plan on going to a land based casino.