How To Get Started

Mobile gambling sites can be found by a simple Google search. There are quite a few mobile casinos available to players who have Smart Phones, so make sure you choose a safe and reliable casino. If you’re wondering how to choose such a casino then take a quick look at our check list below:

  • How long has the casino been operating?
  • Does it offer great bonuses and payouts, as well as extras like free spins and no deposit options?
  • Often reputable online casinos will offer an app or mobile option on their home page.
  • Always read the small writing and make sure you know how their payouts work and how long they take to payout.
  • Check and see if they offer a 24/7 online support system, just in case you need advice.
  • Look at the software the mobile casino uses and also the privacy and payment software installed to protect your personal details, which will make your experience all the more enjoyable.

Once you have found a mobile casino that you feel comfortable with then don’t be afraid to go through the site and explore a little. Most mobile casinos offer the popular oldies like Poker, Slots, Blackjack and Roulette, and also other games such as themed slots and adventures.

playNow_buttonTo play, all you need to do is download the mobile casino, punch in your details where requested and choose any game you fancy. Before playing, read the instructions on how to play and make sure you know what is required, what particular icons mean or the value they carry and how you can play to your full potential. These tips can often be found in guides written about the games. These guides are generally provided on the mobile casino for the convenience of the players. Your next step will then be to make a deposit or place a bet – which will then automatically start the game.